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Poppy is turning into a tom-boy……….but wants to mother the pups.

Poppy – Peaches of the Morning Valley, the delightful ball of fluff who arrived here about a month ago – has grown. She has firmly attached herself to Jasper and terrorises him daily, torturing him with her sharp puppy teeth. He is patient and kind and probably just a bit scared of her…… Quite frankly he is just too soft for his own good.

Poor jasper is thoroughly confused, his mate Effie, is in the house with him, but is not available to be with him. She keeps disappearing into a room where there are some very weird smells and sounds – Jasper is just too cautious  to investigate further. Effie is very protective of the pups and the one time he stepped too near to the door – she told him in no uncertain terms that he was not welcome. He slunk off and settled into a deep depression.

That being said, a deep depression for a Red Setter lasts about 10 minutes, they generally can’t remember what they did 5 minutes before. Anyway Poppy gives him no time to brood.

Poppy however, has no fear of Effie, she should have, but she just doesn’t. Even after being told off several times for trying to see the pups. Effie gave it her best growl, showed her not insubstantial fangs and pounced on Poppy. Poppy said sorry and all was well. Poppy tried several times more and has clearly worn Effie down, as Effie allows her to see the pups and even “play with them”. Poppy just quietly shrugs off all problems and with determination and perseverance quietly continues to do what she wants to do.

Poppy  "playing" with Spot

Poppy “playing” with Spot


Not that she is disobedient – oh no, she has learnt to  comeback on command every time, she sits on command, she sits and stays (when the food bowl is in front of her), she even has started peeing to command.  We will be working on the sit stay command some more in the next week, and lie down commands. After her final puppy vaccinations this week, we will also start taking her out on the road for lead training and start her retrieving lessons. She does retrieve at the moment, usually anything our son leaves on the floor (which is mostly his underwear) .