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Dolly Bolly’s in town and she has nearly grown into her overcoat.

SONY DSCWhat can I say, do you remember as a kid your parents bought you clothes a few sizes to big and then said there was growing room in them – well that the thing with Dolly…. she’s a bit hairy.

Luckily she isn’t human or the old epilady would have given up the ghost within 3 seconds, Mum is preparing her weeks in advance for her show debut to get that mane in check – trim city here we come.


Hello Dolly de la Land d”Argos, also known as Dolly Bolly or Buggalugs. A moving shag pile of immense energy and playfulness, she is now 8 months old.


She is vocal, she is bossy, she is mouthy in all ways – she ‘s even taken a fancy to her grand dad Jussi (Dewmist Sails of Satin) and gets very cosy with him whenever she can. Luckily he seems to like her and is very understanding and plays endlessly with her. However, his patience does not extend to her nicking any of his favourite toys.


Two peas in a pod come to mind – the Dewmist genes are certainly alive and well with these two – the force is with them………  She dived into the canal this week after watching Jussi, Fig and Cosi going in – at least we know she can swim ;-) . But maybe thats the genes of her illustrious mum Belle (Belle of the Glen de Ambersclan) also coming to the fore – who knows….

She retrieves everything and anything, even your hand if you misplace it forgetfully. She is full of energy and desire to please, very trainable  and sweet natured – my only beef with her is she likes to talk. Hey I’ve already got a gobby 8 year old son, do I really need an 8 month old retriever doing it as well – sigh.


Mum’s working on it.  Mum’s the word, all paths lead to Mum (Shirley Hall Roberts – just in case you didn’t know).

That’s the problem with intelligent dogs, they know how to get your attention.

Anyway, Buggalugs is in town, and don’t we know it and what a sweetie she is ;-)