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Hizzy has been given a cut and blow dry

Hizzy has spent the last few days getting horribly dirty – she seems to like the mud, perhaps its Dolly’s bad influence.

She has also been playing with the pup Poppy who enjoys being with the older dogs. Hizzy has taken to her very well and is now quite gentle with her when getting her to play.



Hizzy has been given a shampoo, ‘show’ hair cut and a blow dry today – she has been to the doggy beauty parlour.

Mum has been getting her to stand as if she was at a show – Hizzy will do anything for a treat ;-)

hizzy pose



Poppy – welcome to Beauchasseur

We have a new little dutch girl we call her Poppy, but her real name is Peaches of the Morning Valley.


Peaches of the Morning Valley


She is 9 weeks old and just lovely, very sweet and calm. She is a confident little girl. Until recently, Effie has been a little stand-offish with her, not unfriendly, but not friendly either. Jasper thought  that an alien had landed and has been hiding in his bed. He has even gone as far as to take his food in there with him to escape her.


But she is persistent, and she has appealed to his inner child ( not that far from the surface in any Red Setter) and now they are playing, mainly her chasing him around the house and garden. Jasper has been a real sweetie and a gentle loon with her, he has been so careful not to hurt her. Even, Effie has softened and has been playing with her, albeit on her own terms – she’s got a good excuse for taking it easy – she will have her own puppies to deal with by  the end of the week.

Effie playing with Poppy

Effie playing with Poppy

Poppy, Effie and Jasper

Poppy, Effie and Jasper







Hugo the Highlander in the Snow

Hugo (Mr Orange) is the brother of Hizzy and another of Chorale’s and Blue’s  litter (Cheek to Cheek Blue Dream).


He was a cheeky puppy and now looks like he  is going to be a beautiful youngster. He is seven months old and when he grows a bit more, he is going to be a handsome lad.

We received some photos of him in the snow today  - what a beautiful boy. 
Hugo 7 m neige (2)-1
Hugo 7 m neige (6)-1 Hugo 7 m neige (7)-1 Hugo 7 m neige (47)-1


Hizzy is on her holidays

Hizzy is the daughter of Chorale and Cheek to Cheek Blue Dream, she is 7 months old. It wasn’t long ago that Miss Gold was just a bundle of fluff, but she’s turned out to be a leggy blonde.

Her parents are going ski-ing and she has come back to see Mama and her Aunts and Uncles and of course Dolly. Dolly fell in love with the litter as a pup herself and could be found in their cage, cleaning them and generally pretending to be Mama. She is in 7th heaven.

Hizzy has settled in well, and is Dolly’s shadow, she has been out for her walk, its snowing here now, so perhaps Hizzy will be doing her own ski-ing.

hiz1 hiz2 hiz4 hiz5 hiz6 hiz7 hiz8





Does my tum look big in this? 11cms in 7 days – that’s some expansion Effie!

Effie (Beauchasseur Evening Star) has popped out this week, she has an under-hang thats she’s not sure what to do with. Evie  (Beauchasseur Evening Shadow) her sister, is looking svelte in comparison. We have another 15 days to go, and at this rate Effie might just pop. I think this might be a big litter, we will find out next Friday – yikes! Well done Blue – she is certainly pregnant ;-)

Here are some photos from today of the two sisters and you will see The Jazzman  lurking in the background somewhere. Try and see if you can guess which one is pregnant.





What colour will Effie’s and Blue’s puppies be?

Today I was asked quite a difficult question, in that, I could not accurately answer it. Logically it seems simple, what shade are the puppies going to be. Effie is a medium gold and Blue a light gold colour,  - so normally one would assume they will be somewhat in the middle.


Blue Dream – his mature colours


Effie, her mature colours


Well,  so far, so logical, but looking at Effie’s parents Jussi and Cosi, you would have thought that litter would have produced puppies the same colour as Effie.


Cosi – Efie’s mum. A very golden golden

Jussi Nov 2009

Jussi, Effie’d dad – a very blonde/cream

Well if you thought that, you would have been wrong, of the five puppies born, three were cream coloured and 2 were clearly going to be golden. Three boys were light coloured and the two girls were darker. So in that case, the boys took after their father Jussi and the girls took after their mother Cosi.


Effie having her toes nibbled by her brother Mr Blue – note the colour difference between the two



Mr Blue – cream coloured product of a Cosi and Jussi mating

With Effie she carries the Swedish cream Dewmist genes, Cosi’s  old English golden genes and thrown into the mix are  Blue’s cheek to cheek  genes as well.

So to pose the question again, what colour will they be?

I can only say with any certainty that they will be cream to golden, because the genetics will decide. The battle on the colour domination won’t be known until the puppies are born, and can’t really be confirmed until the dog has reached maturity. A puppy starts life with a relatively light coloured coat, getting progressively darker. So the clues I look to, are the parents, the grand parents and also the shades of their ears. For me the ears, give a hint of what is to come.



Effie is back on form with a big belly.

Effie has recovered from her lack of appetite and is now eating anything she can find. I decided to measure her waist 4 days ago – its expanded 2cm in 4 days. These puppies are growing at a very quick rate.

It doesn’t stop her playing with Jasper (aka: The Jazzman, my husband’s Red Setter, and as mad as a box of frogs) and they spend most of their time play fighting, stealing each others toys and chasing the birds in the garden.








Jasper and Effie are inseparable, they totally adore each other. Poor Jasper has been trailing after Effie since she arrived as a pup. She is usually the one who instigates mischief and he’s always the one getting caught. Jasper has forgiven her for her recent infidelity with Blue, it will be interesting to see his reaction to the pups. He won’t know what to do with him self!

SONY DSC Effie has stolen the chicken from him again – and isn’t she pleased with herself.




Fig – the Pig (Tenfield Border Racer)

Fig – the Pig, its hardly fair, he isn’t greedy and he is a lovely boy and he is called Tenfield Border Racer (Fig). However,  he was christened Fig the Pig, cos he’s hungry for love’. His life is a constant search for attention and love… absence of which cannot be tolerated and only assuaged by endless strokes and cuddles.

Anyone who loves Fig, Fig loves back eternally. He is needy…..and he knows you need to stroke him….even if you don’t know it yourself.

Fig is not a solitary dog, he loves company, he adores the ladies, he isn’t that keen on red setters, but that’s another story……………………………


Jasper – The Red Setter

Fig unfortunately is reassuringly  shallow, until recently he wasn’t keen on jumping into the river – we think it was cos he didn’t want to mess up his  hair do. He is a dog who likes pampering. How he looks is important to him and he comes alive in a show ring, sometimes too alive!


FigAhun_01 copyNo matter what show he is at, he obviously thinks he is at CRUFTS and poses, and poses some more. He does hunt, but only if it’s for the photos and he doesn’t get too dirty.

With age, comes wisdom, he has recognised its fun to swim with the others, but those scary wild animals can just keep to themselves…

All ladies are his ladies, of course, who could not succumb to such a good looking chap…. perhaps it shouldn’t have been Fig the Pig, perhaps he should have been named Fig the Gig (Gigolo)