Monthly Archives: September 2013

La rentree – back to the blog!

I have well and truely neglected this blog over the last 3 months – I blame it on the other half and child and too much to do in the summer holidays.

I thought I better give an update on Effie’s pups. Their owners have been giving me regular updates and have been posting pictures. All of them are beautiful, strong minded and affectionate!


Ixo at six months, trying to hide the holes he has been digging!

Ixo at five months, trying to hide the holes he has been digging!


Ioury - who's a pretty boy then?

Ioury at 6 months – who’s a pretty boy then?

Izzie at 5 months – full of pep and sometimes obedient!

Image 8 Image 7 Image 6

Isabel at 5.5 months on holiday

Image 1 Image Image 2

Clancy – video of him swimming

Clancy has been going to puppy school and has weekly classes, he is pretty well behaved. In addition he goes to doggy day care (hee hee) and goes regularly with his owners to the gun club Рhe has just  gone fly fishing with his owners as well Рgood lad.







Unfortunately, I haven’t had any recent news of Inzo.