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A busy New Year for 2014 – and a new litter

No sooner than 2013 has finished and Evie’s pups have departed to their new homes – rather too quickly for me we have a new litter of puppies. Sometimes we just can’t arrange these things conveniently – nature takes its own course. Chorale is now six and we wanted to breed from her one last time (it will be her third litter). So it was a now or never decision. So “now’ arrived and so have her little monster puppies…

Of course they aren’t monsters – they are just quite a bit bigger than our previous new born litters. Its five days in now and 2 are hitting the 800g mark… Chorale is doing a great job feeding them..

So who’s the father I hear you ask? Well is “Ever” For Ever of Lanson Fields… he is a silky fur ball of a Golden – really sweet, a real cuddler….yes you guessed it he’s that type – he makes a great carpet in front of the fire. Elegant, good looking, not too precious to get his feet wet, Ever is a lovely family dog. He has success in the ring  twice voted best young male, 3 CAC’s (Country competition rather than International shows )and a BOG (best in group).

We selected Ever, because between the two of them we thought they would produce healthy, very laid back affectionate family dogs – show quality would be a plus, but our main aim was  a family mutt (who is posh of course!)

Chorale is a lovely soft dog, she loves been stroked and fussed over, she loves the odd treat or three…. she does talk though – she is the Golden Retriever version of Victor Meldrew… she just can’t stop mumbling n grumbling at the other dogs – she swears she human – with a slight halitosis and hair problem. She is a dog who has her Greta Garbo moments when faced with the Beauchasseur pack “I want to be alone”  but she has a heart of pure gold and loves human company and kids (and refrains from mumbling and grumbling with us). She is a great mother, attentive, generous and protective – who could ask for more.

Chorale pup 1day day2chorale


4 days later


She had a bit of a long labour and unfortunately lost one of her puppies because of it. However she has 6 pups (2 boys, 4 girls ) who are positively fat and wriggling with health.

These babies will be ready for their new homes around the 12 March.