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Its not all been about puppies! Training as well

Although ¬†there are lovely puppy pictures thats not all thats been happening. Mum has been concentrating on getting Dolly through her Epreuvre B and A – which she has been successful on – yippee. Dolly is proving quite talented and got her Epreuve A – a la’Anglais (without a lead) and she will be going on to training for live bird trials. So fingers crossed. Picture of Dolly taken at her Epreuvre A by Serge Cse (Facebook)



Beauchasseur Hugo the Highlander has had a good year also. His owners have taken him to expos and he has achieved his TAN and Epreuve B. He has also passed his hip, elbows and eye tests – Well done Hugo and his devoted human family – the Islers

Hugo 21 m (3)


Last litter of 2014 – Thank God

I love puppies, don’t get me wrong, they are lovely, but they are very time consuming and they need constant cleaning and attention and with one litter born in November and another in January, our last one in April has me totally exhausted.

Our last planned litter for 2014 was for “Candy” Beauchasseur Catch a Rainbow.

Candy has been living in the Uk with my daughter and her husband and baby. She is a very calm, soft girl that hides a backbone of steel, a quiet alpha girl – I never guessed she was in charge until about a month ago – you could have knocked me down with a feather.

She will be 6 in August and she has only had one litter, so we really needed to get on with another one or decide not to breed from her again. Given her pedigree and show success and not to mention she has great hips, elbows and clear from eye problems,free from PRA 1&2, and ICta – it was a no brainer. Mum of course wanted a replacement of Fig – who is retired from showing. Fig is Candy’s dad and she researched the line to look at doing a line breed, rather than outcross. Basically she was looking to get puppies with a broader head, Candy’s body and personality

So we decided on Shadow “Beachcomber Billy” he is a golden Golden and has the calmness, personality and typical broad head Mum was seeking. Of course he has perfect hips and elbows, is clear of eye problems and PRA etc..

So Mum and Candy packed their bags for a romantic interlude in the Netherlands (Candy had the romantic interlude with Shadow, I have no idea whether Mum did or not ¬†- if she did, she isn’t telling ;-) )




Candy had 8 puppies, 2 girls and 6 boys. Unfortunately one of the girls did not survive. They are great puppies, vocal and full of life but not aggressive. They are very fluffy and look like they will have show potential.

Puppies at 7-8 weeks – 2 males still are available -so if you are interested get in contact

IMG_7013 IMG_7070 IMG_7071 IMG_7090