Four gone and two to go..I’m feeling a bit stressed.

The last two days have been a little full on. The pups need to be prepared for their new homes.

First to go was Clancy, his new parents drove from Switzerland to get him – I just knew that he was going to be cuddled most of the way back (dog cage – what dog cage). Image 1 Image 4

He arrived in his new home – and he got settled in very quickly,. Yes you are seeing a massive bed for a small puppy. Yes, that is  his name stitched on it……visions of diamante collars and doggie boots have just flitted through my mind – she won’t go that far – will she? One happy puppy.

ImageApparently, Clancy did a bark and he did cry a bit, but once settled seems to have sussed that he rules the roust and has his new owners running around after him. He expects his food to be served on time and if it isn’t served to his satisfaction he lets them know………..

Image 3 Image 2


It looks like Clancy is settling in well, and it really lifted my spirits to see him looking so confident.

Three other dogs left yesterday, first was Ixo. He has a placid temperament and simply a very beautiful dog, but he was a little scared – so fingers crossed that he is settling in well.

Then off went Izzie, she was calm and happy and apparently travelled well in the car and arrived at her new home, but was somewhat stressed at the other end when she realised she was in a new home and that her brothers and sisters weren’t there. Its easy to forget that these pups are the equivalent of a 2 year old child when they go to their new homes. I suspect Izzie will take some time and lots of patience and  love to settle in over the next few days. Its stressful for the pup, and the new owners – but it will be worth it.

Image 5


and last off was Inzo (The Bis), he was quite laid back and sleepy, happy to be cuddled – so again we hope to hear how he is soon. I have to say Mum out Natalied Nathalie (Clancy’s owner), apparently she has a hidden stash of dog nappies – yep, dog nappies (just like baby ones but with a hole for the tail). She kept very quiet about them, I had never seen them before and until Inzo departed I had never seen a dog in one!





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