Its been a while

The week has passed in a flurry of inactivity and general moans about the weather. At the weekend Isobel departed to her new home – I can’t tell you how much I have missed her. She was a bundle of raw energy and talent – ready to learn and very affectionate. I still find myself calling her in with the other dogs…. my last baby….

I think she is going to be happy with her new owners and their two french bulldogs – I think Isobel might learn some manners from them ;-)

As I was in the area for the meeting, I met up with Izzy’s owners to talk through training techniques and give them some tips on training- puppies are like toddlers immensely rewarding but intensely infuriating if you can’t find  a way to communicate effectively. Izzy is a sweet lively  and very intelligent girl, who is in the process of learning the basics as are her  new owners. Training a puppy isn’t difficult, but it does take perseverance and patience. Keep up the good work…. !

Most new owner underestimate the work needed in the first month, but I promise, the investment  in time/training is worth it, the hard work  will  mean that you will benefit sooner and for the life of the dog from a happy, stable dog that you can take anywhere.

It is why I advocate that all new owners take their dog to puppy school as soon as they can after their vaccinations.

On Monday we had the Regional elevage meet at  Labrugiere. We entered  four dogs: Fig (7 year old male), Jussi (5 year old male), Dolly (1 year old female) and Poppy ( 5 months old).

It was a good meet, there were lots of quality dogs there. The father of our recent litter Cheek to Cheek Blue Dream won Best in Show – well deserved.  All our dogs were marked as excellent and in the case of Poppy in puppy class very promising:

Dolly (Hello Dolly de la Lande d’Argos, grand daughter of Jussi) won the female young (jeune) class: The judge tends towards the lighter coloured Goldens and luckily for us, Dolly was to his taste.

His comments were: Excellent light female, well constructed, good neck, pretty head, excellent pigmentation, good expressive eyes, excellent top line, excellent tail  (ie not too high or low), good angulations front and back, excellent movement, I would like the back to be firmer, excellent presentation and exhibition.

Dolly also beat her brother Hyperion to the title of best Jeune overall. Well done both of them.

Jussi (Dewmist Sails of Satin) was entered in the working class – he was marked as excellent and came second. The judge’s comments were: Excellent light coloured dog of 5 years, with and excellent temperament and disposition ( the dogs had been hanging around for over 5 hours by that time). Excellent construction and proportions. Excellent top line, Very handsome head with excellent masculine expression and sweet. Good neck, I would like to see better angulation at the shoulders, Good rib, Good tail, Excellent fur quality. Excellent movement, joyous and elegant with good impulsion.

Well done  Jussi – he is just starting to mature; Thanks Henrik and  Dewmist!

Fig (Tenfield Border Racer) – entered into open class, Fig is such a good dog, he is a real trooper and an elegant gentleman. He did really well as a dark dog in an ocean of blonde. The judge despite his preference for a different type of dog was very complimentary about Fig and in fairness we cannot argue with some of his comments. Fig gained an excellent and was placed third. The judge’e comments: Very handsome dog of 7 years – Golden. Good substance, well constructed and proportioned. Excellent temperament. Lovely head, Expressive eyes, well sculpted head, I would have preferred a better presentation (Fig was hopping about a little, after being presented last, and losing patience – so fair comment).

I prefer a larger and stronger dog in the open class. Excellent top line and tail. Excellent movement, excellent disposition in the ring, excellent head and tail.

Fig is the ultimate poser, when he is in the zone, he looks superb – but he is a smaller model Golden (totally in proportion, but he isn’t a large chappy). I was  so pleased that he got placed, he is a class act.

Good job  Kim Ellis at Tenfield

Last but not least was our Poppy (Peaches of the Morning Valley) entered into the Baby class. Pops is a big girl for 5 months, between a Spanish judge and Mum’s stress Poppy was recorded as being 4 months old (she is big for 5 months and would be considered giant for 4 months). Poppy was judged as very promising and was placed 3rd. Judge’s comments: Impressive 4 month female with lots of bone and of substance. Very pretty head with magnificent pigmentation and eye colour. Good neck and front angulation. Good top line, I would prefer that the rump was a little higher. Excellent movement, Good impulsion but I would prefer the  movement behind to be more typical (not sure what this means) Shoulders need to be more firm.

Many thanks to her producers (Ans) of  the Morning Valley

Dolly also performed well for her TAN (Test of natural ability) – she did really well and earned her TAN – well done Dolly.



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