Championnat de France – Marseille – 1 June

Mum once again loaded up the camping car, and went off to Marseille this weekend. After the exhausting Regional Elevage outing on the 20th – she restricted herself to 2 dogs.

Dolly Bolly (Hello Dolly de la lande d’Argos) and  Dolly’s  grand father Jussi (Dewmist Sails of Satin). Dolly was entered in Junior class  (9mths to 15 mths) and Jussi into working class.

We were hoping for excellent on the reports – it is a step up from our normal outings and we got them for both dogs. The judge does have a preference for dogs with colour – both Jussi and Dolly are very light coloured. However, her comments were fair and we were delighted with the outing. Dolly is getting more experienced in the ring and not doing bad for her third outing.

Dolly wasn’t placed but was marked as excellent against the standard and received some very nice feedback from the judge Mme Rault. “Excellent subject, Well built,pretty feminine head. Excellent pigmentation and expression, excellent angulation, aplombs and feet. Excellent top line in static stance. thoracic cage well developed, with short loin. Very elegant in her movement”.

Dolly2championnat2013 Dollychampionat2013

Jussi did very well, he was placed 4th with an excellent report: Good overall construction – cream coloured. Today, he isn’t in good coat condition. handsome head, Excellent expression. Good neck, excellent top line, deep chest well descended. Excellent angulation, Excellent soft movement.


Well done Mum, and many thanks to Sally Schofield (Hareswith) for showing Dolly.

Well done to her also for Woody who was placed 2nd in the Young male category.




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