Its not all been about puppies! Training as well

Although ┬áthere are lovely puppy pictures thats not all thats been happening. Mum has been concentrating on getting Dolly through her Epreuvre B and A – which she has been successful on – yippee. Dolly is proving quite talented and got her Epreuve A – a la’Anglais (without a lead) and she will be going on to training for live bird trials. So fingers crossed. Picture of Dolly taken at her Epreuvre A by Serge Cse (Facebook)



Beauchasseur Hugo the Highlander has had a good year also. His owners have taken him to expos and he has achieved his TAN and Epreuve B. He has also passed his hip, elbows and eye tests – Well done Hugo and his devoted human family – the Islers

Hugo 21 m (3)


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