Hizzy is on her holidays

Hizzy is the daughter of Chorale and Cheek to Cheek Blue Dream, she is 7 months old. It wasn’t long ago that Miss Gold was just a bundle of fluff, but she’s turned out to be a leggy blonde.

Her parents are going ski-ing and she has come back to see Mama and her Aunts and Uncles and of course Dolly. Dolly fell in love with the litter as a pup herself and could be found in their cage, cleaning them and generally pretending to be Mama. She is in 7th heaven.

Hizzy has settled in well, and is Dolly’s shadow, she has been out for her walk, its snowing here now, so perhaps Hizzy will be doing her own ski-ing.

hiz1 hiz2 hiz4 hiz5 hiz6 hiz7 hiz8





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