Hizzy has been given a cut and blow dry

Hizzy has spent the last few days getting horribly dirty – she seems to like the mud, perhaps its Dolly’s bad influence.

She has also been playing with the pup Poppy who enjoys being with the older dogs. Hizzy has taken to her very well and is now quite gentle with her when getting her to play.



Hizzy has been given a shampoo, ‘show’ hair cut and a blow dry today – she has been to the doggy beauty parlour.

Mum has been getting her to stand as if she was at a show – Hizzy will do anything for a treat ;-)

hizzy pose



2 thoughts on “Hizzy has been given a cut and blow dry

  1. Laurence

    Thank you for the doggy parlour !
    She has never been so beautiful.
    I can easily imagine that it was à Huge Stuff to do
    Thank you for the news.
    All the family is happy. We see that Hizzy has beautiful holidays with you And your dogs.
    A big kiss to her.


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