Bracken’s tempting fate – she has no fear ;-)

Bracken is the daughter of Jussi (Dewmist Sails of Satin) and Candy (Beauchasseur Catch a Rainbow) and she is having a couple of weeks holiday at Mums.

She has exhausted Poppy, chased Dolly round the bend and to date defied all attempts to trim her tail…….we still have time. Be warned Bracken, Shirley Scissorhands is ready for a challenge!

The dogs went for the daily constitutional, and as is their want, promptly jumped into the canal – Bracken is a natural water baby. ¬†She is her father’s daughter, and loves to find leaves, sticks and other yucky items. She loves to share also….meaning she wants to share Jussi’s sticks, he’s definately not keen. She may be living on borrowed time, because her Dad is laid back about most thing, but he does like his sticks, bones and toys.

BrackenlookwhatIfoundMum Brackeniseeabranch Bracken not givingup Brackentempting fate Bracken2



2 thoughts on “Bracken’s tempting fate – she has no fear ;-)

  1. Maria

    Oh this was a lovely surprise when I logged in just on the offchance tonight. Thank you so much for the chance to see and here news of my baby, you can tell her mummy is watching! I was able to show all my friends. Congratulations too on your new litter, eleven is loads. Keep trying with the tail!

    1. minnieming Post author

      Hi Maria, Hope you are having a good holiday. Bracken is a happy girlie. But the scissor-hands has succeeded!!! Piccies to follow tomorrow.


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