Shirley Scissor-hands has won the day

Bracken – has been snipped (before photos)SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCBrackenlookwhatIfoundMum



The tail has been tamed! What a pretty girl ;-)

Bracken scissored

When she stands like that you know why her Mum got to compete at Crufts


6 thoughts on “Shirley Scissor-hands has won the day

  1. Maria

    Oh how super… got very excited when I read the headline on the blog. Well done to Shirley and Bracken looks massively less hairy for which I am grateful. It was lovely to see her again today, and I hope she is behaving herself . Give her a hug for me.

  2. Patty

    This is Maria’s Mum: I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how beauteous my Grandog Bracken looks! Thank you Shirley – she looks wonderful! It was also lovely to read about her exploits in and out of the water. She has always loved it. She looks mighty happy to be with Shirley, doesn’t she? Or perhaps it is the lure of the other dogs!!

    1. minnieming Post author

      I think its the lure of the other dogs she’s not called Beauchasseur Bonking Bracken for nothing – although Maria might need to give =her some sex education because she doesn’t seem to care with who, how and in what direction……;-)

  3. Maria

    Oh dear, is she still doing that? Id really like to stop her. I hope she isnt being a nuisance. Its wonderful being away anad not having to worry about her though.

    1. minnieming Post author

      Maria, She has been fine – its what dogs do, its not a fruity sex thing, its just her telling them she’s the boss ;-) She is no worse than Dolly, she definately hasn’t attempted it with any humans. She isn’t trying to dominate now, because she now knows her place in the hierarchy – and she isn’t the boss, so she is much more settled and is her usual playful self. I absolutely love receiving her gifts of bits of wood, leaves, socks – you name it – preferably not wet or covered in yucky stuff. She is really enjoying herself with the other dogs, she loves going for run in the woods and absolutely adores water – she is a born water baby.

      Have a good holiday, I’ll post some more pictures tomorrow of your baby (but not bonking) ;-)


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