Why call him Bismarck? Isn’t the year an I year?

What is she on about I hear you ask. No I haven’t lost my marbles – not yet anyway. For french pedigree dogs 2013 means that dogs must have kennel names starting with I.

So why refer to certain puppies as  Big Bertha or The  Bismarck  - well, because I can, and they seem appropriate names for the two. Their new owners will not doubt change them to something more inspiring.

Big Bertha is a whale of a girl, she is a stomach on legs, and she takes no nonsense. The Bismarck in full flow, cut swathes through anything in his way, nose sniffing the air, a veritable teat seeking missile. He is the biggest of the bunch, the strongest, and nothing, I repeat nothing stops him when he is on a mission.

Last year one of our new owners named their dog Beauchasseur Hiroshima – at the time  I was appalled, why name a dog after such a catastrophic event,  or were they just  anticipating the destruction of their home by said puppy?  It puzzled me for days, until, after talking with some french friends they explained that Hiroshima doesn’t  hold  the same connotations for the french, they believed that the puppy was named after a celebrated french film – Hiroshima Mon Amour (an anti war love story) – aha, light filled the darkness and all became clear. The name made sense.

When we got Poppy, I misunderstood Mum’s email explaining her kennel name – the email was titled ‘Introducing Peaches of the Morning Valley’. Who names their dog “Introducing Peaches” – I ask you, some people. But as usual, it was me who was wrong, her name is Peaches of the Morning Valley,  in Holland I isn’t this years letter, P is.  - Mum was only introducing Peaches(Poppy) to me – duh!!.

So roll on 2013 – and I. What fun can be had with these names  ie: “Beauchasseur Innocent until proven guilty” ( or perhaps it would be more accurate to say guilty until proven innocent), “Beauchasseur It wasn’t me”, “Beauchasseur Ichabod – I got fleas”, “Beauchasseur Icarus, I ran too close to the heatlamp”, “Beauchasseur Indiana Bones”.

The list could be endless. Mum usually makes sure I’m not allowed to name the pups – apparently I’m just not serious enough. Where owners reserve some way in advance we of course let them choose whatever weird and wonderful names they want. Suggestions are always welcomed!

Orange (boy) asleep

Orange (boy) asleep


Big Bertha and The Bismarck racing for the milky bar


Oh no – we’re going the wrong way – about turn





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