Spot and Light Blue have stood up and tried walking…..

Today, the puppies have started  to be more mobile and we have seen Spot (boy) and Light blue (girl) starting to try to walk rather than drag themselves around. Fushia (girl) has partially open eyes – so things are going to start to get more interesting in the next few days.

All of the puppies have good heads and well defined stops, but some are, in my humble opinion going to be very handsome lads and lasses. Time will tell, but I think there are show quality dogs here. I would say that though  - wouldn’t I, Effie is my show, but mainly  pet dog  - whom  I adore, so she can do no wrong ;-)

So here are some head shots – apologies if they aren’t clear but its difficult to get a clear shot when they are moving


blue andgreen

Light Blue and Green – both girls

blue green and orange nose

Light blue and green (the girls) with red (male) sticking his nose in

greenandfushia and orangephoto

Green and Fushia (girls) with orange (boy) lying on Fuscia

Fushia with syes startingto openphoto

Fushia side shot, her eyes are starting to open



Bismarck on orange

Bismarck (black) on Light orange – both boys


Light Blue girl


Light blue,Green and Fushia (all girls) with red lying on fushia


Mr Beige – aka Spot


Mr Beige AKA Spot from another angle


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