Day 20 Photos and Video of Pups

The pups are getting around more, still wobbly on their legs, but trying out their voices. Blue has been growling and barking at absolutely nothing and the others have been squeaking and woofing randomly.

They can now hear and see and they have voracious appetites, not matched by their table manners. Their favourite game seems to be food surfing and from the photos you can see that a food wrap is a la mode in this household. The yellow colour is wholly artificial and is their puppy food and not their coat colour (with exception probably of Spot)

Effie quite enjoys it, as she has the chance to lick the food off them and she won’t let that opportunity to eat escape her. Effie is producing huge amounts of milk, but these pups are more than a match for her. We have started allowing Effie out during the day, so we can start the weaning process. The pups are taken outside (if its warm enough) each day now and they play together, usually ¬†Poppy comes to babysit (Effie is nervously waiting nearby).

The pups sleep for long periods of time and have short bursts of activity, as they get a little older they sleep a little less and become much more adventurous.


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