Effie’s posing again! (Beauchasseur Evening Star)


Effie posing

     We have been trying to get Effie to pose for some pictures – not always an easy exercise, she just likes to boogie………..but she usually likes to eat as well.

Well she did like to eat, she seems to have changed her eating habits – all you can eat unmentionables used to be her mantra, but now she’s only a gourmet guzzler and is very picky about the time and type of food she will condescend to eat. Mr B is not amused and I have been forbidden to pander to her newly discovered gastronomic demands….:-(

We have  taken this as a sign that her recent marriage to Blue (Cheek to Cheek Blue Dream)   was  a little more than a dream and she is now suffering from morning sickness, that and her changing physique.  We are expecting a wriggling litter of mini Effie Blue’s at the end of February :-)


Mr B won't get me some decent food!

Mr B won’t get me some decent food!


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