Fig – the Pig (Tenfield Border Racer)

Fig – the Pig, its hardly fair, he isn’t greedy and he is a lovely boy and he is called Tenfield Border Racer (Fig). However,  he was christened Fig the Pig, cos he’s hungry for love’. His life is a constant search for attention and love… absence of which cannot be tolerated and only assuaged by endless strokes and cuddles.

Anyone who loves Fig, Fig loves back eternally. He is needy…..and he knows you need to stroke him….even if you don’t know it yourself.

Fig is not a solitary dog, he loves company, he adores the ladies, he isn’t that keen on red setters, but that’s another story……………………………


Jasper – The Red Setter

Fig unfortunately is reassuringly  shallow, until recently he wasn’t keen on jumping into the river – we think it was cos he didn’t want to mess up his  hair do. He is a dog who likes pampering. How he looks is important to him and he comes alive in a show ring, sometimes too alive!


FigAhun_01 copyNo matter what show he is at, he obviously thinks he is at CRUFTS and poses, and poses some more. He does hunt, but only if it’s for the photos and he doesn’t get too dirty.

With age, comes wisdom, he has recognised its fun to swim with the others, but those scary wild animals can just keep to themselves…

All ladies are his ladies, of course, who could not succumb to such a good looking chap…. perhaps it shouldn’t have been Fig the Pig, perhaps he should have been named Fig the Gig (Gigolo)


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