Monday movies.

It’s great fun with the pups now, they are full of fun, and very cheeky. They enjoy nibbling my trouser legs and will come and give me a cuddle….I suspect more in search of food that anything.

They have grown so much that I have had to change their collars:

Changes = Miss Light Blue – is now silver,

Mr Orange – is now pink.

Spot doesn’t have a collar, because he already has distinguishing features ;-)

The weather is abysmal, so the pups cannot go outside. Poppy is being a little more gentle with the pups and they fight back – they have sharp little teeth. They are practising biting each other and learning when they have gone too far…

They all need a good bath, I hope we will get some nicer days so I can get them dry easily if not it will be the hair drier again – they aren’t so keen on that.

See todays video clips:






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