I knew I shouldn’t have mentioned the Sun.

Well – that sunny day was it, two days of rainy weather. I’m beginning to think I live in the UK – grey skies, wind and rain…not great.

Yesterday was a little fraught with three of the pups having diarrhoea (Pink, Green and The Bis), so a long day making sure they were hydrated, temperature checked, regularly cuddled and regular bleaching of everything (puppies excluded), that was the order of my day. By 5pm yesterday, all had recovered and were eating again. But they need a bath – all of them. And so I suspect do I, it doesn’t matter how much I wash, I smell not so subtly of eau de puppypiss, with a hint of lemon bleach, my hands have been bleached dry and I’ll soon have hands like a motorway navvy. It’s one of those smells, like chip fat, or cigarettes – it lingers……

So pictures from the evening after feeding – so yellow light and yellow food all over them…


Four fighting (The Bis, Red, Pink and Green)


Miss Light Blue (silver)

The Bis

The Bis


The weaning process is going well, they love to see Effie and are very efficient at milking her within 10 minutes, but they love their solid food as well. Effie has taken to whimpering outside their room demanding to get in to see them as her time with them is now being restricted.

I am not so happy, because they are such messy eaters, they splatter the walls, floors, each other and turn everything slightly yellow. Today, as per instructions from the vet, they were given steak hache (raw) – she is a firm believer that they need raw meat at least once a week in addition to the Royal Canin puppy croquettes they have normally.

Miss Green, a very refined type normally – wolfed it down, whilst a few of the boys weren’t convinced straight away.

All the pups are over 3 kilos now, and seriously hairy and lively. They all got a brush today, some enjoyed it more than others. Red and Pink kept coming back to be re-brushed. Miss Green hated it as did The Bis. Clancy (the pup formerly know as Spot) liked to be brushed as long as his head wasn’t touched. I will need to cut their claws again this week (third time since their birth) and they will have their second worming on Tuesday.



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