Pimped up Clancy….or is it primped ;-)

Yesterday, Clancy was not happy with me shampooing him and he really hated the hairdryer. However, being a forgiving chap, he agreed to be manipulated by a funny lady today. ┬áHe wasn’t sure why she wanted him to eat cake – but hey – he’s a cool guy and if a lady asks nicely……



Obliging this obviously deranged lady, he allowed himself to be posed in various positions for no apparent reason and since the cake had been replaced by a bit of cheese – why not!
SONY DSCAt 5 weeks, it seemed mean to try and get him to stand properly, but we had a go anyway.

The reasons that a puppy is stacked is to look at angulation, back and profile, head, neck chest. Its not just for showing and being prissy but to see how he conforms and whether there might be weaknesses or strengths. He will probably put on nearly 3 kilos in the next few weeks, so things will change! “Hopefully the mad woman won’t be forcing cake down me at the same time as pulling my tail”



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