What colour will Effie’s and Blue’s puppies be?

Today I was asked quite a difficult question, in that, I could not accurately answer it. Logically it seems simple, what shade are the puppies going to be. Effie is a medium gold and Blue a light gold colour,  - so normally one would assume they will be somewhat in the middle.


Blue Dream – his mature colours


Effie, her mature colours


Well,  so far, so logical, but looking at Effie’s parents Jussi and Cosi, you would have thought that litter would have produced puppies the same colour as Effie.


Cosi – Efie’s mum. A very golden golden

Jussi Nov 2009

Jussi, Effie’d dad – a very blonde/cream

Well if you thought that, you would have been wrong, of the five puppies born, three were cream coloured and 2 were clearly going to be golden. Three boys were light coloured and the two girls were darker. So in that case, the boys took after their father Jussi and the girls took after their mother Cosi.


Effie having her toes nibbled by her brother Mr Blue – note the colour difference between the two



Mr Blue – cream coloured product of a Cosi and Jussi mating

With Effie she carries the Swedish cream Dewmist genes, Cosi’s  old English golden genes and thrown into the mix are  Blue’s cheek to cheek  genes as well.

So to pose the question again, what colour will they be?

I can only say with any certainty that they will be cream to golden, because the genetics will decide. The battle on the colour domination won’t be known until the puppies are born, and can’t really be confirmed until the dog has reached maturity. A puppy starts life with a relatively light coloured coat, getting progressively darker. So the clues I look to, are the parents, the grand parents and also the shades of their ears. For me the ears, give a hint of what is to come.



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