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Blue’s and Effie’s puppies have arrived!

After starting her labour Saturday evening, Effie got down to some serious pushing at 5am Sunday morning and had had 11 puppies by 1.30pm Sunday  afternoon – just in time for me to get some Sunday lunch – what a good girl.

7 boys and four girls – all seem healthy and full of life and energy. Well done Effie and Cheek to Cheek Blue Dream (and Cathy Tsiknos of course)!


However, after checking her over, and getting the Doppler machine out, it became clear that there was still at least one more puppy inside. Unfortunately, Effie was unable to sustain the level of contractions necessary and after a trip to the vet she was given hormone treatment to get her contracting again to deliver her last puppy – poor girl. She was in hard labour for a further 12 hours, unfortunately the twelfth pup (a massive boy) was stillborn.

As this is a large litter, we will be helping Effie with some supplementary feeding for the pups, they are being weighed daily and we will try to ensure that all the pups have equal opportunity to feed from Effie.  Effie has been an exemplary Mum so far, she has been very careful getting in and out of the whelping box and is attentive to the pup’s needs. All the pups are suckling well, some are much bigger than others, the lightest was only 210 grams at birth and the largest was 380grams (not including the stillborn pup).

The question of colour is becoming clearer, we have a split litter, some may be as golden as Effie at maturity but some are clearly a much lighter cream and favour Blue’s colour or seem to have inherited the lighter colour from Effie’s father Jussi.

The best of both worlds.

Its hard to see in the above picture (as the maternity area has 2 infra red heat lamps, they play havoc with colour).

See below  the pictures of some of the female pups, they have very little hair on both nose and ears at this stage.



I’ll be adding pictures as and when I can and you will be able to see the changes the pups go through.

Well then, I’m off to bed – all this whelping stuff is far too tiring for me – I must be getting old.